Ericsson Family History


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1867 Charles and Henry Ericsson - ages 2 and 6 1880 Henry Ericsson 1882 Henry Ericsson 1882 Henry Ericsson (reverse side) 1888 Henry and Lena Ericsson's wedding 1888 Henry John and Charles Ericsson 1888 Henry, John and Charles Ericsson 190x HEC company logo 1915 Letter from Henry to Lena Ericsson 1920's (?) Henry Ericsson at his office as Building Comissioner.
1920s era postcard of Pistakee (2) 1920s postcard of Pistakee house 1930s Henry Ericsson 1930s Henry Ericsson 1930s? Ericsson family reunion 1936 Henry and Lena Ericsson 1936 Henry and Lena Ericsson 1939 Lena Ericsson 193x Henry and Lena Ericsson 193x Munford and Panky Yates
1940s Henry Ericsson 1942 60 Years a Builder, cover scan 1942 Henry Ericsson 1942 Henry Ericsson 1942? Cartoon from 60 Years a Builder 1959 Hazel (Ericsson) and Frank V. Theis
196? Dr. Frank Victor Theis
198x Frances (Panky) Yates 198x Munford Yates 2003 Tomas Ericsson
Bob Ericsson Bronze plaque of Henry Ericsson Carl Ericsson, Henry Ericsson's father Carl Ericsson, Henry's father Eddie Ericsson Ericsson Theis Jr with friend Henry, Lena and Virginia Ericsson John Johnson, Lena's brother Martha Nilson (Henry's mother)
Otto William Ericsson Robert and Eddie Ericsson